Hand Bells

Bishop Ridley Chimes

We have a very successful handbell group that meets regularly to practise, led by one of our former teachers, Tricia Sheridan.

They are the only such group in the borough and have played at our carol service, at the Rochester Church Schools Festival in Rochester Cathedral, at Bluewater and at other local schools.

Mrs Sheridan runs the handbell club every Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime from 12:30pm – 1pm. This club is open to children in years five and six.

In previous years the handbell team has partaken in the ‘Church Schools Festival’ at the Rochester Cathedral. They played a piece that was composed and orchestrated by Mrs Sheridan. This year, Mrs Sheridan and the handbell team intend to re-enter into the Church Schools Festival and additionally attend Bexley Community hospice to entertain the Day Patients there as well as other groups around the community.