Bishop Ridley School Staff 

Teaching Staff                           Responsibilities
Mr S Hall Head Teacher; Child Protection & Safeguarding & LAC; History
Mrs J Chapman Deputy Head Teacher; Literacy; Gifted & Talented; PPA
Mrs C Greenhead Nursery; Music
Mrs M Kenway Year R; Early Years Coordinator
Mrs N Scotter Year R
Mrs D Mincher- Casizzi            Year 1; D&T (Design & Technology)
Mrs M Thompson Year 1 (0.6)
Mrs K Davies Year 1 (0.4); Inclusion Co-ordinator (0.5); EAL (0.1)
Mrs E Taylor Year 2; Curriculum manager; ICT, SCITT Mentor
Miss M Carr  Year 2; PSHE
Mrs M Torrance Year 3; Assistant Headteacher (0.4); Senior manager (0.6); RE
Miss E Haslam   Year 3; Art and Design
Miss B Smalley Year 4; Geography
Mrs K Horlock  Year 4; assists with Music
Mrs A Gorin  Year 5: Citizenship (including the School Council)
Mr A Nicholls   Year 5; Home-school learning
Mr S Martindale    Year 6; Maths; Pupil Premium
Mrs C Coles Year 6; MFL
Miss D Sears Sports Premium; staff release; PPA & interventions
Mrs Charity
Year R; Curriculum manager; Science
Mrs J Kerrigan PPA (0.2)
Mrs T Mason PPA & interventions (0.3); AHT release (0.1)
Ms J Cook                                         SCITT (trainee teacher); Parent Support Advisor


Teaching Support Staff          
Ms J Hale
Nursery Nurse (0.6)
Ms R Mason-Rogers                         Nursery Nurse (0.6)      
Ms E Clasby Nursery Nurse (0.4)
Mrs S Potts
Teaching Assistant - reception (0.6)
Mrs C Lee Teaching Assistant - reception (0.4)
Mrs D Plows Teaching Assistant - reception 
Mrs L Butler Teaching Assistant - year 1
Mrs D Batt Teaching Assistant - year 1 (0.5)
Mrs D Gosling Teaching Assistant - year 1 (0.5)
Mrs M Wickens Teaching Assistant - year 2 (0.7); IT Support (0.1)
Mrs J Shuttleworth Teaching Assistant - year 2 (0.6)
Mrs H Lay Teaching Assistant - year 2 (0.4); resources & library (0.2)
Ms S petty Teaching Assistant - year 2 (0.4) & year 4 (0.4) MDS
Mrs C Joy Teaching Assistant - year 3
Mrs J Farrelly Teaching Assistant - year 3
Mrs A Gooden Teaching Assistant - year 4
Mrs S Hawkins-Brown Teaching Assistant - year 4 (0.5) & year 6 (0.5)
Mrs J West Teaching Assistant - year 5 (0.8); play therapist (0.2)
Mrs C Donegan Teaching Assistant - year 5
Mrs J Wade Teaching Assistant - year 6
Mrs K Gill SEN Support (0.1)


Office Staff                                        
Mrs S Croft Secretary
Mrs S McNulty Secretary
Mrs T Allsopp Finance Assistant
Mrs J Fleming Attendance Officer & Admin Assistant                   


Lunchtime Supervisors               
Mrs L Butler  Senior Midday Supervisor                   
Mrs M Smedmor MDS
Mrs J Morris MDS
Mrs S Purcell MDS
Mrs J Batchelor MDS
Mrs K Newvell  MDS
Miss C Farrelly MDS
Ms E Scales MDS
Mrs S Watkins MDS


Premises Staff                        
Mr R Smith Premises Manager                       
Mrs S Hawkins-Brown Cleaner
Mrs L Butler Cleaner
Mrs K Newvell Cleaner
Mrs M Wright Cleaner